Immunefi is one of the fastest growing companies in the crypto ecosystem and is providing one of the most valuable meaningful services in the space, preventing over USD 1 billion in losses through its bug bounty platform. Founded as recently as December 2020, the company has already onboarded recognizable clients including Chainlink, SushiSwap, PancakeSwap, Alpha Finance, and Cream Finance. Immunefi has also grown a whitehat hacker community that includes a 2-time record holder of the largest public bug bounty claimed, currently standing at USD 800 000.

To expand its reach, Immunefi is looking for a Sales Lead with the goal of having the successful candidate transition into a Sales Manager role within a year of joining the company. The successful candidate will play a key role in the continued fast-paced growth of the company through direct growth of the client list as well as the efficiency and scalability of the sales operation. The Sales Lead will personally conduct direct sales-related activities across the full sales cycle, starting from the initial outreach process, such as identifying ideal projects and reaching out to them via direct contact as well as community outreach. The Sales Lead will also receive and manage warm leads provided by team members, investors, and existing contacts of the candidate until the launch of the bug bounty program on Immunefi, which is done in coordination with the Account Management team. Additionally, the Sales Lead is expected to improve and optimize Immunefi’s sales operations including the redevelopment of the sales process and the client persona profiles list together with the Head of Client Relations. Once the transition to the Sales Manager role has begun, the team member is expected to manage the hiring, training, development, and management of Sales Associates as well as those in Lead Generation, if deemed necessary.

The Sales Lead is also expected to coordinate with other team members of Immunefi, including, but not limited to, those in marketing, product development, and triaging, for the purposes of overall team coordination. The Sales Lead will primarily be interfacing with the Head of Client Relations, who oversees sales activity as well as account management.

A typical week normally includes:

  • Sourcing and identifying leads, both cold and through one’s own network
  • Contacting qualified leads based on prioritization criteria such as need, size, and ability to pay, through direct contact information or community channels such as Discord and Telegram
  • Receiving introductions from other team members and those within the Immunefi network such as investors and existing clients
  • Speaking with stakeholders and/or team members of qualified leads regarding their needs and how Immunefi can be of help
  • Explaining the structure of a bug bounty program on Immunefi and the process of onboarding and managing one with leads that have turned warm
  • Drafting the bug bounty program utilizing a template combined with information provided by the client on a questionnaire
  • Providing advice to clients with regards to the reward amounts per vulnerability severity based on client profile and persona
  • Finalizing launch information for closed clients to hand over to Account Management which will handle the launch

Necessary Skills:

  • Ability to identify and address the needs of prospective clients at various levels of the sales process
  • Analytical skills to improve the sales process with a data-driven approach
  • Technical skills to be able to understand security concerns and security practices at a high level
  • Intermediate level of knowledge of the cryptocurrency ecosystem and how basic transactions work over Bitcoin and Ethereum
  • Basic knowledge of decentralized finance (DeFi)
  • Ability to speak English at a minimum level of C1


  • Identify and contact prospective leads via cold outreach and leveraging existing network
  • Receive warm leads provided from investors, colleagues, and introducers
  • Sell the Immunefi Bug Bounty Platform to the projects for onboarding and perform all coordination necessary
  • Work with leads/prospects/opportunities throughout the sales cycle
  • Draft the bug bounty program for the client and coordinate a preliminary launch date
  • Coordinate with the Account Manager and Marketing teams for launches and the handover of the client
  • Upsell existing clients to increase their bug bounty rewards when identified as appropriate
  • Refine and optimize the Sales Process together with the Head of Client Relations as well as the Lead Generation and Qualification Process
  • Sell value-add services as created by the Business Development team
  • Recruit, develop, and manage future sales hires


In addition to the tasks provided, the Sales Lead is also expected to:

  • Utilize their existing network to sell Immunefi’s bug bounty platform
  • Comfortably communicate with both anonymous and non-anonymous crypto projects and be able to identify with them at at least some level, such as being able to reference well-known events in the crypto space including, but not limited to, vulnerability exploit events
  • Comfortably communicate with community members of the crypto projects
  • Adjust their working schedule as necessary to account for a global client base
  • Attend all mandated team meetings
  • Appropriately represent the Immunefi brand when speaking with the public


  • Startup sales experience of at least 3 years
  • Familiarity with the cryptocurrency ecosystem by community involvement of at least 1 year, if no direct experience working for a cryptocurrency company
  • Experience in a fast-paced work environment such as an early-stage startup


A compensation offer will be provided to a successful candidate based on their skills and experience. Compensation packages will include a base salary pay as well as a performance based bonus structure.